Hamilton Social Media | Services
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Social Media Management

Management of your day-to-day social media channels, this includes posting, engagement, monitoring, and daily updates.

Content Creation

Develop unique content that speaks to your audience and will help build followers and brand loyalty. Streamline your social media efforts with a high-level social media calendar outlining your content month over month.

Paid Social Media

It’s true. It’s a pay-to-play game. Truth be told, it takes minimal budget to generate massive results.


You have to know where you are going to understand how to get there. Enter strategy. It takes a plan to be able to measure success.

Brand Reputation Management

Managing your reviews and being able to respond is the difference between a healthy and positive online presence and not one. Not responding to reviews only leaves potential customers wondering. You want to act quickly and respond accordingly.

Brand Partnerships

Identifying partnerships and creating relationships can make any social media campaign shine. Align yourself with organizations that make a difference.

Influencer Relations

Working with influencers can be tricky if you don’t know what the “ask” is. Let us help connect the dots with industry-specific influencers that make a massive difference to your engagement, reach and exposure.